Professional training


How important is it to train the professionals of the future? Morphica aims to become a hub for technological innovation and a reference point for 3D printing. The training courses we offer at Morphica hold significant value for the Additive Manufacturing sector.

Slicing software training

We teach you how to make the most of the potential of slicing software, to optimize dimensional accuracy and productivity, improve aesthetic aspects and mechanical characteristics of printed products.

Advanced training on technologies and materials

We teach you how to choose the best technology and the best material for a specific application to be developed. The course covers PBF (metal powders), SLS (polymer powders), FFF (Polymer filaments, composites), SLA-DLP-LCD (photopolymer resins) technologies.

  • Technologies

    Choice of 3D printing technology

  • Performance

    Performance and performance of polymeric, metallic and photopolymeric materials

  • Datasheet

    Evaluation and understanding of Material Technical Data Sheets

  • Insights

    In-depth analysis of Materials and Related Applications and Case Studies

  • Treatments

    Thermal, chemical, thermochemical treatments

  • Post-Processing


Advanced Training on DfAM

We teach you the fundamental concepts of Design focused on Additive Manufacturing, that is, design focused on the development of a product to be created using additive technologies.