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Morphica 3D Marketplace

With its 3D Marketplace, Morphica wants to become a one stop shop for 3D printing, building a vast and dynamic community that encourages meetings between innovators and investors.

Technologies and materials

From the 3D Marketplace you can purchase 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables and spare parts. And for affiliated suppliers, there are reserved prices and discounts.


At the Morphica 3D Marketplace and browse the catalog.

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Advice and support

Through the 3D Marketplace it is possible to request support for application development. Our technicians will guide you in choosing the technologies and materials best suited to your needs.


To the 3D Marketplace and request support for the development of your applications.

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Become a supplier

The 3D Marketplace allows individuals, professionals and companies in possession of 3D printers to become part of the Morphica supplier network. This tool therefore allows private individuals to earn money by printing for Morphica and professionals and companies to saturate their machines and maximize their investments by receiving orders from Morphica. Furthermore, for suppliers, dedicated discounts and prices are available on the purchase of consumables and spare parts.

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Are you a designer?

Through the 3D Marketplace, designers and creatives can request the display of their creations on the Morphica 3D Store and earn a commission on each sale. From your personal area you can manage the objects and the way they will be viewed by buyers and check the progress of sales and commissions earned.

Are you a designer?

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