We offer a wide range of filaments for FFF printers. From the simplest ABS, PLA, PETG and Nylon, to the most technical, i.e. carbon-fibre filled polymers and super polymers such as PEEK and ULTEM.


Some of the highest performing materials in the world with outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. Carbon fibre or glass fibre reinforced versions are available to cope with the most demanding applications in the automotive, aerospace, defence, semiconductor and oil/gas industries.


High performance material combining excellent thermal properties, excellent dimensional stability and good resistance to a wide range of chemicals such as automotive fluids, fully halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohol and aqueous solutions.

ULTEM 1010 and ULTEM 9085 meet FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65 for low toxicity, smoke and flame development and are ideal for aerospace, automotive and electronics applications.


Material with excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to high temperatures, ideal for printing functional prototypes and detailed components. Available in ESD version for applications requiring resistance to electrostatic discharges and reinforced with carbon fibers to obtain greater rigidity.


Material that combines the mechanical properties and high heat resistance of PC with the printability of ABS. Ideal for printing highly detailed functional prototypes with excellent surface quality.

PP (Polipropilene)

Low density, rigid material resistant to a wide range of chemicals ideal for printing lightweight and exceptionally rigid parts for medical, automotive, drone and personal watercraft applications. Carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced versions available for increased strength, rigidity, dimensional stability and thermal properties.


Industrial grade material with excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties. Available in PA6 and PA12 versions reinforced with carbon fiber and PA12 reinforced with glass fibre.


Biodegradable, non-toxic and odorless material, known for ease of printing, good mechanical resistance and low shrinkage. Ideal for quick and economical printing of prototypes, concept models and end-use components for hobbyists and engineers.


Material for outdoor use resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents with exceptional mechanical and thermal properties. Widely used in the automotive and marine industries.


Material that manages to combine the advantages of ABS with those of PLA, offering high resistance to impacts and chemical agents, excellent hardness and low shrinkage.


Materials with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties used in the automotive, medical and electronics industries, for the production of cable sheaths and/or or any other application where rubber-like characteristics are required.


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Polymeric powders

We offer a wide range of SLS printer powders.

PA 11

Material with excellent mechanical properties and impact resistance. Ideal for the production of parts that will be used in demanding applications. Also available in an ESD version for the production of ESD-resistant parts for use in the electronics and automotive industries.

PA 11 Carbon Fiber

High-performance material of biological origin based on polyamide 11 reinforced with carbon fibre, with excellent mechanical and thermal properties and impact resistant.

PA 12

Material with excellent surface resolution and high chemical resistance. Perfect for producing detailed parts and functional prototypes of the highest quality.


Elastic material similar to rubber available in multiple versions characterized by different elongation capacities, for prototyping and simulation of soft materials.


Elastic material with high mechanical resistance, airtight and waterproof. Ideal for the production of products that must be certified for skin contact.

PP (Polipropilene)

Material with good mechanical properties, for prototyping functional parts that require chemical resistance, weldability and ductility.


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Metal powders

We offer different types of metal powders. Aluminum, steel, copper, titanium, nickel, cobalt-chromium alloys.


Aluminum offers light weight, high thermal conductivity, high mechanical properties strength and hardness, high electrical conductivity, good post-process finishing, excellent corrosion resistance and low density.


The steel provides excellent hardness, excellent high temperature resistance combined with high corrosion resistance, high ductility, high post-process finish and good thermal properties.


Titanium offers lightness, biocompatibility, low thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance.


Nickel allows the creation of components resistant to stress and corrosion and offers high yield, resistance to wear and rubbing, with excellent antioxidant and anti-corrosion behavior in aggressive environments, high resistance to corrosion at high temperatures, high strength and good ductility.


Cobalt chrome offers exceptional strength and toughness, as well as resistance to wear and corrosion. It is commonly used for applications such as medical and dental implants, gas turbines, engine and transmission applications, but also for jewelry due to its biocompatibility.


Copper offers high corrosion resistance combined with mechanical properties and both thermal and electrical conductivity.

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We offer different types of resins for DLP and SLA printers. From standard resins to those for dental models.


Resin with mechanical properties similar to those of PLA and thermal properties comparable to those of ABS (heat resistance up to 121 °C). Suitable for all applications.

TOUGH (ABS-like)

Resin with high impact resistance and exceptional scratch resistance. Perfect for functional prototypes and industrial spare parts.


Perfect for making jewelry, dental and industrial parts. Objects made with this resin have complex characteristics and reveal razor-sharp details.


Resin with excellent flexibility and low surface hardness. The high elongation capacity and low hardness make it perfect for creating soft and elastic prototypes.


Developed in collaboration with dental companies and industry experts, dental resin has exceptional dimensional stability and low shrinkage. It is odorless and ideal for the production of dental models.

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